2015 Junior Piano Competition

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Photos of the competition : see below ‘Media Library’

The 6th Junior Piano Competition Brin d’herbe took place from April 23 to 26, 2015 in Orléans.

Mandatory piece:
 Pianopolis (Michel Decoust)
(one piece for each level) – Dhalmann Editions


Programme: BH2015 programme web 

Rules and regulations: OCI_Reglement BH2015-Web



The 6th Junior Piano Competition ‘Brin d’herbe’ will take place from April 23rd to 26th 2015, in Orléans (Salle de l’Institut, Place Sainte-Croix). 
Rounds: Thursday 23, Friday 24 and Saturday 25 April 2015, 2.00pm
Results : Saturday 25 April, from 6.30pm
Laureates Concert: Sunday 26 April 2015, at 3.00pm

Ticket office: Salle de l’Institut, from April 23 to 26.
Price list:

– Full-price: 5€ for each round, on April 23, 24 and 25 (2.00pm) / 5€ laureates concert, on April 26 (3.00pm) / 10€ Pass (access to the rounds and laureates concert between April 23 to 26)
– Reduced-price*: 3€ : for each round, on April 23, 24 and 25 (2.00pm) / 3€ laureates concert, on April 26 (3.00pm) / 7€ Pass (access to the rounds and laureates concert between April 23 to 26)
* for children under 12, job-seekers – on presentation of documents.
Free admission for students and pupils from music schools and music conservatoires in Région Centre – on presentation of documents.


Prize List : https://www.oci-piano.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Laur%C3%A9ats_Brin-dherbe-2015.pdf

Three Special Prizes:

1. Special Prize – improvisation round
Candidates from all levels may add an improvisation part to their program, minimum 3 minutes and maximum 5 minutes. This will be assessed separately and the best will be awarded a special prize.
The improvisation may be based on a short musical theme, or may be in the style of another composer. The use of a chord sequence or modal scale is also welcomed. The material used can either be classical or refer to jazz or take inspiration from Játékok’s vocabulary (chords, clusters, glissandos, contrasts, sonorities, architecture).

2. Special Prize – André Jolivet
For the 6th edition of the Junior Competition Brin d’herbe, Ms Christine Jolivet-Erlih offers a prize for the best performance of pieces by André Jolivet, that she played during her childhood and sometimes created.
The pieces will be presented in addition to the program:
• 1st level, 15 minutes program + Berceuse dans un hamac (A.Jolivet) created on June 7th 1951, or one of the pieces Chansons naïves (A. Jolivet) created on July 6th 1952,
• 2nd level, 20 minutes program + one of the pieces Chansons naïves (A.Jolivet) created on July 6th 1952, or one or several pieces from the Suite Mana (A. Jolivet), 1935.
• 3rd level, 25 minutes program + one or several pieces from the Suite Mana (A.Jolivet), 1935 or one piece from Cinq danses rituelles (A. Jolivet), 1939

3. Special Prize – Dag Wirén / 3rd level only
The Dag Wirén Foundation which promotes the music and recordings of the Swedish composer, offers a prize for the best performance of two pieces from either Opus 19 (Small ironic pieces for piano), Opus 35 (Improvisations for piano) or Opus 43 (A small piano suite).
Gehrmans Editions – email: Info@gehrmans.se / www.gehrmans.se

Information – Dag Wirén Special Prize (3rd level) :
– Op. 19, Small ironic pieces for piano (Ironiska småstycken) are available for purchase through Ehrlingförlagen website:  http://www.ehrlingforlagen.se/WirenIroniskasmastycken.htm Contact : order@ehrlingforlagen.se
–  Op. 35 Improvisations for piano and Op. 43 A small piano suite, are available for purchase through Gehrmans website: http://www.gehrmans.se Contact : info@gehrmans.se

4. Special Prize – Gyorgy Kurtag


All the candidates will receive a diploma of participation.

Also, will be attributed:
• Diploma of Honor as a high distinction, with good mention or very good distinction,
• Diploma of Excellence as the highest distinction, with good mention or very good distinction.

Six « Diplomas of Excellence » will be awarded, by the jury, with a prize worth 350€ each. Each Excellence reward requires the unanimity of the jury.
All other candidates will receive a diploma of Honor and a diploma of participation.
The jury’s decision will be based on the excellence of the interpretation, as well as on the choice and originality of the program. All jury decisions are final and will not be discussed.

Three special prizes (worth 300€ each) will be awarded:
• A special prize for the improvisation piece (see page 13)
• A special prize André Jolivet (see page 13)
• A special prize Dag Wirén (see page 13)

Three special prizes (worth 200€ each) will be awarded, one by level, for the best interpretation of the mandatory piece by Michel Decoust.

Other prizes will include purchase vouchers, music scores, CDs, DVDs, books, and will be shared between Diplomas of Honor and Diplomas of Excellence of each level.
These prizes have been kindly supplied by O.C.I. and its sponsors: Éditions Actes Sud Junior, CPEA (Christine Paquelet Edition Arts), François Dhalmann, Universal Music Publishing Classical, Henry Lemoine, Schott Music, Editions Soldano, BMG Durand-Salabert-Eschig, di-arezzo, Pierre Lafitan, Gérard Billaudot Editeur, Editions Fayard, Fondation Salabert, Piano and La Lettre du Musicien, Pianiste, Cité de la musique, Bauer Musique, ADRIC, APEC, Baudin Chateauneuf, Gérondeau.

We thank Ms Christine Jolivet-Erlih and M. Sandberg from the Dag Wirén Foundation for offering Special Prizes.

The concerts seats have been kindly supplied by : Fortissimo, Orléans Concerts, Orléans’Jazz, Festival de Sully et du Loiret, Folies Françoises, Cité de la musique, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Philharmonie de Paris and Pianissimes.

For welcoming us (prestige concerts), we would like to thank the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris and the Native House of Claude Debussy in St Germain en Laye.

  • 2015

Compulsory piece & Composer

 “Pianopolis” was written in homage to three French piano builders who were active from the 19th century. Their factories were located in the outskirts of Paris.

Jean Henri Pape (1787-1875) built instruments whose sound resembled that of the fortepiano. Their increased power and harmonic resonance gave a glimpse of things to come.

Sébastien Érard (1752-1831) invented the double escapement action, which made it easier to repeat notes, thus enabling quicker playing. Érard’s parallel-strung concert grands were the choice of many of the greatest virtuosos.

Ignace Pleyel (1757-1831) was the inventor of the cross-strung piano, which resulted in the wonderfully silky sound that was held in such high esteem by Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, and Poulenc.

Michel Decoust

Compulsory work ‘Pianopolis’, commissioned by Orleans Concours International, with the support of the ‘Region Centre Funds for creation’.


The Junior Piano Competition of Orléans only presents three levels, but by allowing the candidates to present each piece in a simplified version, we would like to open the competition to more candidates.
To serve the same purpose, the first level can be presented by candidates from 8 to 12 years old.
There are finally six choices and the jury will make the final decision, without penalizing the chosen options.
The concert at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, in Paris, in March 2016, will fully do justice to the interpretations of Pianopolis, for either simplified or complete versions.


1st level – 8/12 years old Tribute to Jean-Henri Pape
– entire score
– simplified version: possible cut from time 16 up to and including time 31.

2nd level – 8/14 years old Tribute to Sébastien Erard
– entire score
– simplified version: possible cut of time 37.

3rd level – 12/18 years old Tribute to Ignace Pleyel
– entire score
– simplified version: possible cut from time 41 up to and including time 53.

Media Library


We thank our european partners, who will invite some of the 2015 Brin d’herbe laureates to take part in their next events:

– Piano Competition of Fribourg (Switzerland)

– ‘Young Pianist of the North’ Competition (UK)

– ‘Vienna Young Pianists’ Festival (Austria)

– Piano Competition of the Geneva Music Conservatory (Switzerland)

Jury Members

  • Runtz Michel : Président du Jury, Pianiste, Compositeur
  • Slater Marika : Pianiste
  • Decoust Michel : Compositeur
  • Spaemann Susanna : Pianiste
  • Kreda Adrian : Pianiste