12th Competition – 2016

affiche concours 2016 recupThe 12th International Piano Competition of Orléans will take place from February 18-28, 2016.
Final round at Orléans Theatre, on Feb.28th, 2016.

Laureates concert in Paris, Théâtre des bouffes du Nord, March 14th, 2016

 For more than 20 years Orléans, a city dedicated to culture and art, has given an open-armed, enthusiastic welcome to all manner of musicians. Every musical trend is part of the proceedings, and is magnificently defended by these young pianists who, although they have in many cases already received international recognition, come to Orléans to confirm their talent before an increasingly demanding public and an open-minded jury that encourages them in their eclectic programme choices. The winning combination for the 12th edition of the Competition includes, as ever, exciting interactions and the extraordinary vitality and variety of the works – some freshly composed, others hundreds of year old – performed. The young pianists will again champion their aesthetic choices with verve and zest, and we will be there to applaud them wholeheartedly.

Françoise Thinat, President

“Multiplicity” is a word that the Orléans International Piano Competition has always emphasized, and this is naturally also true of our twelfth competition this year. A multiplicity of exchanges, nationalities, schools of piano playing, and varied sensibilities come together in our commitment to a repertoire stretching from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. A multiplicity of approaches to today’s music with forty world premieres of works by young composers as well as ‘Le Carillon d’Orléans’, which the Competition commissioned from Philippe Hersant for the event. A multiplicity of interpretations of twentieth-century music, too, with a wide variety of programs offered by the candidates, and special Prizes honoring a plethora of different composers and musical aesthetics. And in conclusion, a multiplicity of references, from the “godmother” of the first prize, Blanche Selva, to Françoise Thinat, the founder and soul of this wonderful competition, whose artistic direction I am pleased and honored to be taking on. On this new path I will never lose sight of the fact that the word “multiplicity” takes on its true meaning when combined with open-mindedness, dedication to excellence, and a strong dose of courage. The choices will be difficult, and it is now up to the jury to select the best candidates, and to the public who will attend the preliminary rounds and the concerts…as well as to us to put all our energy into play so that this kaleidoscope of sound will joyously ring throughout Orléans! 
Isabella Vasilotta, Artistic director


Schedule for the second round : planning demi-finales 12e Concours International de Piano d’Orléans-2


Events during the Competition:

February 18th – 8.00PM, Salle de l’Institut
Concert of Winston Choi
Thomas Ades : Still Sorrowing
Jonathan Katz : Europa (2015)
Brian Ferneyhough : Lemma-Icon-Epigram
Georges Enesco : Suite No. 2
Jacques Lenot : Six premières études

February 21st – 7.30PM, Salle de l’Institut
Concert of ‘Ensemble Court-Circuit’ conducted by Jean Deroyer
Christophe Bertrand, Sahn, pour clarinette, violoncelle, piano 
Philippe Leroux, Continuo(ns), pour ensemble 
Philippe Hurel, Trait d’union, pour violon, violoncelle 
Gérard Grisey, Talea, pour ensemble 
Direction : Jean Deroyer

February 23rd – 7.30PM, Salle de l’Institut
Concert of Toros Can
György Ligeti Musica Ricercata, Études pour piano 1,2, 3, 10, 13, 14
Karol Szymanowski, Prelude et Fugue en do dièse mineur
Jonathan Harvey, Tombeau de Messiaen

February 4th to 27th – Média library of Orléans
Photo exhibition: Bonjour Monsieur Millot!
Exhibition of photos by Jean-Baptiste Millot, French photographer of many artistes, composers, players… and partner of Orléans piano competition for many years.



– Information about 1st Round, 3):
We accept sonatas in one movement. For short sonatas we accept 2 movements. Sonatas with short movements can be supplemented.

– Information about ‘André Jolivet special prize’:
The entire André Jolivet’s works for piano can be chosen for the competition.  The candidates who will choose Mana or Cinq Danses rituelles will have to play the entire piece. 

– Information about the Sonate de Guerre (O.Greif):
From now on the work is published by Artchipel. http://www.artchipel.net/

– Information about ‘Chevillion-Bonnaud composition prize’:
The Chevillion-Bonnaud Prize is awarded accordingly to the wishes of Mme Yvonne Bonnaud, recorded in her will. No restrictions apply regarding age, citizenship or training. The work can be presented by the composer his/herself (as preferred by Mme Bonnaud’s will) but the pianistic skills displayed must be those required for the competition. It is asked that the work be performed as a premiere, but it can exceptionally have been played in more confidential circumstances, such as academic or private ones. The deadline is the same as for competition applications, and the candidate must provide 7 copies of the work. The Jury will base its decision upon first-round performances of the works.

– Information:
Works for prepared piano are accepted.
Works with electro acoustic device are accepted. 

 The 2016 competition rules are available : OCI_reglement web Concours 2016


Compulsory piece by Philippe Hersant: ‘Le Carillon d’Orléans’
Score edited- by Durand Editions


Rounds schedule

– Feb. 19th, 20th and 21st: 1st Round
30 minutes is allotted to each of the contestants, Salle de l’Institut, Orléans.

– Feb. 22nd and 23rd: 2nd Round
50 minutes is allotted to each of the 15 remaining contestants, Salle de l’Institut, Orléans.

– Feb. 24th: 3rd Round ‘Recital’
40 minutes is allotted to each of 7 remaining contestants, Salle de l’Institut, Orléans.

– Feb 28th (3.00pm): Final Round
40 minutes is allotted to each of the three remaining contestants,
Orléans Theatre.


1st Round:——————– all the candidates
Feb. 19th (Salle de l’Institut)
Beginning of the Competition. 2.00/6.00PM – 8.00/10.00PM

Feb. 20th (Salle de l’Institut)
Competition 10.00/12.00AM – 2.00/6.00PM – 8.00/10.00PM

Feb. 21st (Salle de l’Institut)
Competition 10.00/12.00AM – 2.00/6.00PM
-> Results at 8.30PM

2nd Round:——————– 15 candidates
Feb. 22nd (Salle de l’Institut)
Competition 10.00/12.00AM – 2.00/6.00PM – 8.00/10.00PM

Feb. 23rd (Salle de l’Institut)
Competition 10.00/12.00AM – 2.00/4.00PM
-> Results at 8.30PM

3rd Round:——————– 7 candidates
Feb. 24th (Salle de l’Institut)
Competition 10.00AM/01.00PM – 2.30/5.30PM
-> Results at 8.30PM

Final Round:——————– 3 candidates
Feb.28th (Théâtre d’Orléans)
Final round 3.00PM



Takuya OTAKI
PRIX – Mention Spéciale BLANCHE SELVA – 10 000€
PRIX – Mention Spéciale Olivier GREIF – 2 500€
PRIX – Mention Spéciale Maurice OHANA – 2 500€

Marianna Abrahamyan
PRIX – SACEM – 4 600€
PRIX – Mention Spéciale SAMSON FRANÇOIS – 2 000 €
PRIX des étudiants du Conservatoire d’Orléans – 1 500€
PRIX – Mention Spéciale Albert ROUSSEL – 1 000€
BOURSE de l’Association Foyer JOYEUX, Geneviève JOY – Henri DutillEUX: une résidence d’un mois à l’Abbaye de Fontevraud

Philippe HATTAT
PRIX de composition André CHEVILLION – Yvonne BONNAUD / ex-aequo – 2 500€
PRIX – Mention Spéciale Alberto GINASTERA – 2 500€
PRIX – Mention Spéciale Ricardo VIÑES – 2 500€

PRIX d’interprétation André CHEVILLION – Yvonne BONNAUD / ex-aequo – 2 500€
PRIX – Mention Spéciale Edison DENISOV – 2 000€

Vitaliy Kyianytsia
PRIX – Mention Spéciale André BOUCOURECHLIEV – 3 500€

Claudia CHAN
PRIX – Mention Spéciale Claude HELFFER – 3 000€

Julien BLANC
PRIX d’interprétation André CHEVILLION – Yvonne BONNAUD / ex-aequo – 2 500€

Lorenzo SOULES
PRIX – Mention Spéciale André JOLIVET – 2 500€

Matthias Krüger (Renk, interprété par Claudia Chan)
PRIX de composition André CHEVILLION – Yvonne BONNAUD / ex-aequo – 2 500€

  • (Français) 2016

Compulsory piece & Composer

Le carillon d’Orléans

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by bells. You can find them a lot in my symphonic and lyrical pieces (for example at the end of Château des Carpathes), but they also appear a lot in my chamber music with piano (my Trio is presented as a suite of variations on Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont de Paris by Marin Marais, one of the most beautiful carillons ever written).
When I was on the jury for the Concours International d’Orléans 2014 last March, I couldn’t walk past the cathedral without thinking of the four-note carillon on which Christophe Moyreau (titular of the great organs in the middle of the 18th century) wrote his Cloches d’Orléans.
Later Françoise Thinat did me the honour of commissioning a piece for the Concours 2016 and, naturally, I had the idea to write a great carillon in the same vein as Moyreau did three centuries before me. I imagine the music will sometimes resound and exhilarate, and at other times it will be nostalgic and distant; I want the music to be poetic and refined, and also to make use of the piano’s resonances.
Philippe HERSANT


Philippe Hersant , Composer, France

Born in 1948 in Rome, Philippe Hersant studied at the Paris Conservatoire Supérieur, in particular in André Jolivet’s composition class. First between 1970 and 1972, and then between 1978 and 1980 he was, respictively, a Casa Velasquez and a Villa Medici grant holder.

Refusing to make compromises with history, Philippe Hersant has forged a language that continues the tradition of all Western music. And though he never sought to create a popular composition technique, he was one of the first of his generation to return to a tonal and modal musical space. However, he has banished all neo-classical inclinations from his work.

Philippe Hersant’s catalogue includes some ninety compositions (without counting his soundtracks and scores for the theatre). He is widely recognized in the current contemporary music scene. He has received commission from illustrious institutions such as the French Ministry of Culture (Missa brevis in 1986), Radio France (Le Château des Carpathes in1992), and Violin Concerto in 2003.  He was also the featured composer at the Présences Festival (2004), at the Leipzig Opera (Le Moine noir, 2006), at the Lyons National Orchestra (Paysage avec ruines, 1999), the Montpellier National Orchestra (Concerto for cello n°2, 1997) and at Musique nouvelle en liberté (Cinq pièces pour orchestre, 1997).

He has also won several awards in the world of music: the Musical Grand Prix of the City of Paris (1990), the SACEM Composers’ Prize (1991), the SACEM Symphonic Music Prize (1998), two Victoires de la Musique Classique (2005 and 2010), and the High School Grand Prix Composer’s Prize (2012).

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Télérama est partenaire de la 12e édition du Concours International de Piano d’Orléans


Jury Members

  • Choi Hie-Yon : Pianist
  • Choi Winston : Pianist
  • Derrien Jean-Pierre : Producer
  • Heisser Jean-François : Pianist, Artistic director
  • Mefano Jacqueline : Pianist
  • Parra Hector : Composer
  • Tarnopolski Vladimir : Composer