2013-2014 Season

Oct. 6th 2013
Yuri Kang©Jean-Baptiste Millot- [1600x1200_JB Millot]

Coréenne, née en 1984, Yuri Kang a débuté le piano très jeune dans sa ville natale, KwangJoo. Elève de Rosa Park et de Gimin Lee, titulaire du diplôme de fin d’étude secondaire en piano du Lycée d’Art de Sunhwa à Séoul, elle est rentré à l’Université d’Ewha et dès l’obtention du diplôme de licence en 2008, elle s’est inscrite à l’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris dans la classe de Françoise THINAT où elle a obtenu le Diplôme Supérieur d’Enseignement en 2010, le Diplôme Supérieur d’Exécution en 2011 et le Diplôme Supérieur de Musique de Chambre en 2012, dans la classe de Marie-Pierre Soma. Elle obtient enfin le Diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste en avril 2013.
Lauréate de plusieurs concours internationaux (Léopold Bellan. Svetlana Eganian, Chatou), elle a participé et donné de nombreux concerts en France (Salle Cortot, Cité des Arts, Heure Musicale du Marais, Saison de concerts à St Philippe du Roule), en soliste ou en musique de chambre.

Flyer: Matinée Yuri Kang
Program : Yuri Kang_06.10.13


Feb. 2nd 2014


Gilead Mishory was born in 1960 in Jerusalem. He began to play piano when he was nine, but only at the age of twenty-one, after leaving the instrument for three years, he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to music. After graduating from the Rubin Academy, he moved to Germany in 1984. On the recommendation of Alfred Brendel he completed his studies in Munich with Gerhard Oppitz and in Salzburg at the “Mozarteum” with Hans Leygraf. He also studied musicology at the Ludwig-Maximilians- University in Munich.
Gilead Mishory is the first pianist to have recorded the complete piano works and chamber music with piano by Leos Janácek. Other CDs with works by Haydn, Brahms, Bartók, his own compositions and numerous radio-recordings received instant critical acclaim. Enthusiastic reviews of the press describe him as a “magician of sound”, a “technically perfect poet of the piano” and a “pianist with a sense of sound, charm and esprit”.  
Mishory’s cycle “Lider-Togbuch” after poems by Sutzkever, premièred in 1998, was his breakthrough as a composer. His affinity to literature as a source of inspiration is shown also in his “Hebrew Ballads”, with poems by Else Lasker-Schüler, “Fugitive Pieces” for piano, after the novel by Anne Michaels, the string quartet “Psalm” after Paul Celan, or ”Di Vayte Haymat Mayne”, for tenor and orchestra, after poems by Marc Chagall. His first opera, “Isaac’s Youth”, was completed in 2010. The new CD with Mishory’s own works came out in 2011 by NEOS.
Gilead Mishory is senior professor at the renowned University of Music in Freiburg and is head of the piano department there. He is regularly invited to give masterclasses all over the world. 


Flyer: Matinée Mishory Gilead
Program : Gilead Mishory_02.02.14


May 25th 2014

JULIANA STEINBACHJuliana Steinbach_Balazs_Borocz_Pilvax Studio [1600x1200_BB]

Juliana Steinbach began her piano studies in France, having left Brazil when she was only three years old. Following her first years at Lyon Conservatory (CNR), she became a private student of Greek-American pianist Christine Paraschos. After earning a Litterature Baccalaureate, she studied at Paris Conservatory (CNSM), where she graduated with First Prize in piano (2000) and chamber music (2003). In 2002 she was admitted by unanimity into the post-graduate program (Troisième Cycle) as a student of Jacques Rouvier. At this occasion, the Alfred Reinhold Foundation awarded her a Blüthner grand piano.
Laureate of Cziffra, Natexis, Umberto Micheli, Reinhold and Meyer foundations, Juliana Steinbach has been awarded top prizes in several international piano competitions, such as the Artlivre International Piano Competition in São Paulo (Brazil, 2001), the Tel-Hai Performance Prizes (Israel, 2000 and 2001) and the International Young Pianists Competition in Meknès (Morocco, 1996). In France, she has been awarded the FLAME Prize of the UNESCO, the Zonta International Music Scholarship and the Great and Special Prizes of the Forum Musical de Normandie.
Following her debut in 2002 with the Israel Symphony Orchestra, she has appeared as a soloist with the Rundfunk Blasorchester Leipzig, Budapest Mav Symphony Orchestra, Freiburg Youth Orchestra, Paris Symphony and Lyric Orchestra, Nice Philharmonic Orchestra, Paris Conservatory Laureates Orchestra… collaborating with conductors such as Mendi Rodan, Jan Cober, László Kovács, Théophanis Kapsopoulos, Michael Cousteau, Sergio Monterisi and François-Xavier Roth.
In August 2005, Juliana Steinbach launched the ‘Musique en Brionnais’ piano and chamber music festival in France (www.musique-en-brionnais.com). An annual event, it draws an international audience to the exquisite Romanesque churches of Southern Burgundy. A full week of performances and workshops, the festival allows the young pianist to build original programs and to present new projects, in recital and with some of her finest music partners.


Flyer: Matinée Juliana Steinbach
Program: Juliana Steinbach_25.05.14


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