10-12-2014lYejin Gil

Published 10/12/2014
Yejin Gil was awarded a ‘2014 Coup de Coeur’ in Contemporary Music category, by the Academy Charles Cros, in Paris, on December 9th 2014. http://www.charlescros.org/coupsdecoeur/index.php?annee=2014&id=106&id_cdc=4&saison=automne&nom=Array&idOeuvre=1800
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18-02-2016l2016 – 12th International Piano Competition of Orléans

Published 20/11/2014
The 12th International Piano Competition of Orléans will take place from February 18-28, 2016.Final round at Orléans Theatre, on Feb.28th, 2016.
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09-12-2014lConcert in Metz, December 9th, 2014 – Aline Piboule

Published 15/11/2014
Concert on December 9th, in Metz (France) – Aline PiboulePartnership with Fondation Jeunes Talents MetzProgram: Olivier Greif (Sonate de guerre n°15), Claude Debussy (Etude pour les agréments / Etude pour les arpèges composés), Sergueï Prokofiev...
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16-11-2014lMatinée du Piano – November 16th 2014

Published 05/11/2014
A versatile performer of both contemporary as well as traditional repertoire, Imri Talgam has played throughout the world, including Europe, Mexico and the U.S. In March 2014, he won the...
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04-11-2014lConcert in Reims, November 4th, 2014 – Imri Talgam

Published 13/10/2014
Concert on November 4th, in Reims (France) – Imri TalgamPartnership with ADAC associationProgram: Robert Schumann, Beat Furrer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Conlon Nancarrow, Olivier Messiaen  Conservatory – 20 rue Gambetta 51100 Reims – FranceReservations : +33 (0) Imri Talgam...
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12-10-2014lMatinée du Piano – October 12th 2014

Published 06/10/2014
Nariya NOGI, japanese pianist, who studied in China and France, won several piano competitions in China as well as Franz Liszt International Competition. In 2014, Nariya Nogi was awarded the...
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25-05-2014lMatinée du Piano

Published 13/05/2014
(Français) Juliana STEINBACH Née au Brésil en 1979, Juliana Steinbach a entamé ses études musicales en France. Après ses premières années de formation au Conservatoire de Lyon (CNR) et auprès de...
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